People Photography by Michel

On this website, Michel Matthey de l'Etang,

pro photographer, addresses the English speaking community in and around Basel.

For over 10 years now, I run my own photographic studio in Muttenz, where I am able to offer photo shootings on a surface of well over 150 m2. The studio is one of the largest and best equipped in the area around Basel. Nearly every need in people photography can be met - be it private or for business reasons.

Apart from studio work, I offer outdoor shootings as well as "on location shootings". Being able to shoot studio lights independent from current supply, your photo shooting can indeed take place where ever you desire it.

And - last but not least - I am happy and glad to have gained a reputation for my wedding photography.

I showcase some of my work here in the hope that people might feel invited to call in for a shooting - or tell others they could do so. Have a look at the images and - hopefully - enjoy what you see.

And: I write and use the English language as I master it - knowing I not really master it. What you read is what you get. My mother tongue is German.

One Person Shots

  • aglaia graf - artist portrait b&w
  • male portrait - studio shot
  • business portrait
  • on location business portrait
  • outdoor shooting in basel
  • fighting girl
  • in good shape
  • tennis - studio shoot
  • sensual portrait
  • from a photo shoot in my studio
  • the body - from a photo shoot in my studio in muttenz
  • hmm
  • close portrait
  • pregnant woman photoshoot
  • portrait
  • sensual portrait

One Person Shots

Aglaia Graf, Artist Portrait

Aglaia is a an exceptional concert pianist and composer. It was honour and pleasure at the same time to portray her. The shooting took place on location in order to be able to visually connect the artist and the instrument.

Photoshoots together with other people

are just about that: Relations that matter. Be it for love, fate, friendship, business, politics... My studio is large enough for groups and private enough for two. There are always good reasons to document a relationship and I am happy if you try to challenge me with not so simple tasks.

Photographs with two or more People

  • just the two of us
  • Salsaflow Dance Company in my studio
  • from a hens night
  • large family
  • mom and kids
  • to show "our business goes on" - in order to hide the scaffolding
  • an exemption in this country: a stylish image shot for an election campaign of a political party
  • company shot
  • brosis

Two or more People

Some Thoughts on Kids Photography - as I see it

Thinking about what I want to write here I realize that my thougts on kids photography are finally the very same as my thougts on people photography as a whole. Take every being as the most important being in that particular moment and treat everybody with the highest respect. In relation to kids photography that means to be on the same level and not to pretend to be the older and/or wiser, more senior person. The camera should be a mirror, not an instructor. That is kind of a puristic view of things but I feel to get to the real stuff of photography this way.

Kids Photography

  • Girl in front of my newly painted studio wall.
  • The cool girl.
  • This look is just fascinating.

Kids Photography

Skin Shots

  • sensual image from a slightly erotic shooting
  • close up shot during a nude photoshoot
  • from a sensual pregnancy photoshoot

Skin Shots

I love Wedding Photography

because of all the creative freedom I find in it and because it is a great thing to work with happy people all day long! I offer my wedding reportages not only in and around Basel, but in any place.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

  • A wedding photoshoot in a not so classic environment
  • Moody wedding shot
  • Wedding shoot in Basel's largest park
  • My Studio
  • How to get there
  • A glimpse into the Studio
  • Finding my Studio on the map

Photographic Studio Muttenz

Photoshoots can take place on a surface of more than 150 square meters. Those shootings can be private or for any kind of commercial publication. I am specialized in people photography, although I also offer technical photography (macro, products).

Shoots only by appointment. No walk in shootings.

The Studio is located perfectly in the region - where Basel and Baselland meet.

The address of my studio is:
Hauptstrasse 52
4132 Muttenz

Using public transport

Tram Number 14 is perfect: Coming from Basel or from Pratteln you leave at the stop "Muttenz Dorf". From there it is less than a two minutes walk until you reach my studio.

At the same stop the BLT bus line number 60 connects my studio with the axis Bottmingen - Oberwil - Biel-Benken.

The SBB station, connecting Muttenz with Basel and Pratteln/Liestal/Rheinfelden, is about a quarter of an hour walk from the studio. If you arrive with a load of luggage I can pick you up at the station.

Me inside my Studio
Me inside my Studio As you can see it is a working place and all the room is dedicated to really make photographies.

Fotostudio Muttenz, Michel Matthey de l'Etang

  • Private
  • Commercial

Prices and Services for private People

I go for the special shot, not for the load of shots. I go for variety in any sense. So we try different sets with different lighting and different ideas. I then collect the best shots out of each situation and process these images to a degree which makes sure they are top notch.

The standard Shooting costs 290 CHF.

The amount of images a shooting will deliver depends on the kind of shoot. You may expect
8 to 12 images if you are on your own or as a couple,
10 to 16 images as a family,
8 images if it is a nude shooting.

Groups vary, depending on the amount of people.

Any special wishes can be met. Just ask and explain your ideas to me.

Commercial Shoots and Use

If the images are intendend to be used commercially I am happy to give you a special quote after having understood your ideas.


You can contact me via e-mail: michel at

Photo shootings can take place at any time of the day and any day of the week.

I also run a website in German, which is somewhat larger and going more into details. Here is the link: